Working with Your Governor to Honor Your State Winner


CASE encourages you to contact your governor to let him or her know about your institution’s 2012 State Professor of the Year and to discuss possible ways of honoring your winner at a campus or statehouse event.

Governors have been involved in honoring state Professors of the Year in various ways—from issuing proclamations and citations to attending special campus events. Examples include a governor who wrote a letter to a state winner that was read at a campus celebration and a visit by another one to the state winner’s campus for a special recognition ceremony. In addition, governors have invited winners to dinners and events attended by local, regional and state dignitaries.

By recognizing winning professors in these various forums, governors were able to bring these outstanding educators to the attention of local dignitaries, the media and others.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with your governor’s office in highlighting the successes of higher education in your state. Additionally, we hope that involvement by your governor will make your winning professor’s experience even more special.

You may also consider asking your state senator or representative to sponsor a resolution in honor of your winning professor or asking your state coordinating or governing board to adopt a citation.

Finally, we ask you to let us know if you involve your governor in recognizing your professor. Please email us or drop us a line to share your event with us so that we may include it in our future promotional material. We’d appreciate receiving the information by Jan. 7, 2013.



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