Entry Instructions

All materials must be submitted online. Click on Nominate to begin the online entry process. Nominators will register their professor(s), submit required documents and select payment options through this online process. Please note that to nominate a professor(s), you must use a CASE login. If you don't have a CASE login, you can create one by clicking on "Nominate" and follow the instructions. Contact  if you need help creating a CASE login. *Please note that we are using a new awards system this year, which means you will not be able to use the login and password you used last year for the Professors of the Year program. You will need to create a new one.

If you have already started an entry and want to continue working on it, log in to My Award Nominations.

Please send questions about the awards process to .

Need help? Here's a step-by-step guide to using the online entry site.

Entry Qualifications
  1. Each campus may nominate up to three professors. Please coordinate this effort with your institution.
  2. Nominator must be a colleague of the candidate or an administrator at the candidate's institution. Self-nominations and nominations by students are not accepted.
  3. Use a standard type size on all materials.
  4. Nominations must be paid for by Monday, April 27.

  • Nominees must have taught at the undergraduate level, part- or full-time, for at least one semester in the 2014-15 academic year; materials primarily should reflect work with undergraduate students.
  • Individuals can win in their state only once but can reapply to enter at the national level at any time.
    • Previous state winners who have moved to an institution in another state may be renominated at the state level.
    • Professors on sabbatical for both semesters of the academic year should be nominated next year. Professors on sabbatical for one semester are still eligible.

Submission Materials
  • One-page curriculum vitae
    • Submit a concise summary of the professor's education, teaching experience, other teaching awards, publications, service and other significant contributions. You may summarize this information using a biographical format. Keep the focus on teaching. Include the names of publications, articles or books; summarize the rest. The judges will review only the first page of a multiple-page vitae.
  • 2014-2015 academic year teaching log
    • List the course titles, levels and a brief description of the content and pedagogy for each course the professor is teaching.
  • Candidate's personal statement
    • Each candidate must write a personal statement describing key contributions made as an undergraduate teacher (recommended length: 650 words or less). It should give a clear picture of the candidate's work with students and his or her scholarly approach to teaching and learning. Examples include:
      • Innovative techniques developed to assess student learning and to provide feedback
      • Examples of effective advising and mentoring techniques
      • Innovative teaching techniques shared with other teachers
      • Steps taken to extend the learning process beyond the classroom
      • Creative ways teaching draws upon one's research or public service
      • Contributions to peer discussions of teaching and learning and/or course design through publication, presentations, web sites, etc.
  • Six letters of support (one to two pages each) as follows:
    • Two letters from former undergraduate students
    • Two letters from campus colleagues, such as the nominator, president, faculty or academic deans
    • Two letters from supporters on campus, in the community or in his or her profession

Letters should discuss the professor's success in and dedication to teaching, plus give specific examples of how the professor fulfills the program's criteria. Letters from campus colleagues and supporters should be submitted on letterhead if possible.

Entry Fees and Payment

Submit all nomination materials and $95 entry fee via the online process by April 27, 2015.


To re-nominate a 2014 candidate for a 2015 award, click on Nominate to begin the online entry process. Letters of support and the candidate's personal statement from the 2014 nomination may be re-submitted. However, a current curriculum vita and teaching log are required.

Note: We are using a new awards system this year and the previous nomination materials are not currently saved on this system. If you no longer have access to your 2014 nomination materials, send an email requesting these materials to .