Christy Price

"Her classroom was one in which knowledge was co-constructed."
- A former student of Dr. Price

Even after 21 years of teaching, Dalton State University psychology professor Christy Price refuses to be satisfied with her skills.

"If we truly wish to make a significant difference," she wrote in her personal statement, "we are most likely to achieve such aspirations with an underlying philosophy of continuous improvement." 

Price's contributions to psychology have helped inform her teaching performance. Due to her research on millennial students, she discovered ways in which social media and classroom response systems can be implemented effectively in the classroom. 

Outside of the classroom, Price has been praised by colleagues as a tireless seeker of practices that improve student success. In charge of a student retention initiative, Price led an institution-wide group that resulted in Dalton State's first learning community courses.

"The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive, and we collected data which showed these students were more likely to be retained," wrote a colleague. "Dr. Price was also one of the first in the nation to publish data which showed how our first-year experience course had a positive impact on retention rates."

These continual refinements have been noticed and appreciated by her students.

"From the moment she gets there to when she leaves, students are actively engaged in everything involved in class," wrote one student. "Dr. Price uses relevant real-life examples, through media, as well as acting through role-play in conjunction with the teaching material to produce a quality, conducive learning environment."

Another wrote, "Over the course of her entire career, she has been a shining light in a sometimes dark world for students who feel as though they cannot go on, will never fit in or perhaps never amount to anything."

Featured Awards

2007 Dalton State College Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching
2008 University System of Georgia Teaching Excellence Award
2009 National Resource Center's National First Year Student Advocate Award
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