Buzz Alexander - Student Introduction

Suzanne Gothard
Former student of Buzz Alexander
2005 Outstanding Doctoral and Research Universities Professor of the Year

Buzz Alexander, professor at the University of Michigan, founder of the Prison Creative Arts Project, poet, actor, social activist, and most generous human being, has for decades profoundly affected the lives of his students at the university and the men, women, and youth incarcerated in Michigan. Buzz's teaching is both patient and demanding. He listens, welcomes ideas, speaks the truth that is often silenced, takes risks, and enables growth and change in his students, in himself, and in society. Buzz offers the gift of true respect to those of us with whom he collaborates and teaches. He trusts us to think, to create, to struggle, to connect, to speak boldly, and to take responsibility. Buzz does not stand back and merely watch us discover new dimensions in ourselves; instead he joins us in this process.

On behalf of many others who share my sentiment and wish they could be here today, I would like to thank Buzz for the incredible impact he has made on our lives and for his years of unbelievably hard work towards education and social change. I am deeply honored to introduce to you, my mentor and my friend, Professor Buzz Alexander as the 2005 Outstanding Doctoral and Research Universities Professor of the Year.

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