Amina Khalifa El-Ashmawy - Student Introduction

Remarks by Amy Glazier
Former student of Amina Khalifa El-Ashmawy
2015 Outstanding Community Colleges Professor of the Year

Good afternoon, everyone. I'm honored to introduce you to Dr. Amina El-Ashmawy. I met Dr. El-Ashmawy two years ago when a twist of fate placed me in her classroom, and she was my professor for the two-semester general chemistry sequence.

From day one, I knew I was in the presence of an exceptional teacher. She began by asking the class to tell her something: What did we know about water? That single question set the stage for the rest of the semester. She connected everything we told her about water to atomic and molecular structure, properties of matter and even chemical reactions. Not only was I learning chemistry, I was thoroughly understanding it and having fun in the process—all because of how Dr. El-Ashmawy teaches.

Dr. El-Ashmawy has a gift for tailoring her explanations to fit the way each student's mind processes information. She goes above and beyond to make sure we come away from her class understanding our world better. She encourages us to always keep asking questions for the sake of discovering new things and enriching our minds. Through her teaching, we all began to see the majesty of how chemistry works in everyday life.

Most importantly, Dr. El-Ashmawy genuinely cares about each and every one of her students. I recall talking with her soon after Collin College had recognized her for excellence in teaching, and she told me that she was working on redesigning her courses because she wanted to see how she could help her students learn even more. Right after being recognized for being an amazing teacher, her only thoughts were of being an even better teacher; as always, her focus was not on herself, but on helping her students be the very best that they could be. That's just the kind of person she is. She inspires me just by being herself.

I am profoundly grateful and thrilled to present to you an excellent teacher, a supportive mentor and an inspiring human being—the US Community College Professor of the Year, Dr. Amina Khalifa El-Ashmawy.