Ping-Tung Chang - Student Introduction

Remarks by Matthew Maresh, former student of Ping-Tung Chang
2010 Outstanding Community Colleges U.S. Professor of the Year

My mother is an exceptional woman who worked hard to put herself through college while raising five children. While I am sure she would have been just fine without Dr. Chang's patient explanation of mathematics and constant encouragement, he was the person who engendered in her a love of math education.

When I started my own educational career, there was no question that I would take math from Dr. Chang. His dedication to his students and constant striving for excellence has inspired me in my own educational career and has played a large role in my decision to go into education as well.

But it's not just my life and my family that Dr. Chang has helped. He works each day to make a difference in the community and the world by raising the educational standards. It is his belief that by helping educators to better teach, he helps the world. I believe that if we can ensure greater student success through Dr. Chang's new educational methods, we can make a difference.

Dr. Chang has reached out to educators all over the world, including a one-semester sabbatical in China to establish exchange opportunities and to better compare the educational successes and failures of both cultures. By synthesizing an educational method from the strengths and weaknesses of both cultures, and by being open to new and old ideas alike, Dr. Chang has continued to improve education for students at all levels of education.

More than half of the students taking math courses at the Matanuska-Susitna College start at a level below college proficiency. Dr. Chang is working with teachers in the community and across the globe to help lower that level and to better serve the struggling students who come to college hostile toward mathematics.

It is my sincere pleasure as a former student to introduce to you one of the most influential professors I have ever known, Dr. Ping-Tung Chang.

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