Rosemary M. Karr - Student Introduction

Angelique Voss
Former student of Rosemary M. Karr
2007 Outstanding Community Colleges Professor of the Year
Willard Intercontinental Washington Hotel
Nov. 15, 2007

When I was considering attending college in the late nineties, the fear of algebra almost hindered my enrolling. Yet, when I finally surrendered, I had the good fortune to register in Dr. Rosemary Karr's mathematics class. I learned quickly that Dr. Karr wanted her students to learn, and she soon became an inspiration to me. That class, under Dr. Karr's model teaching, started me on my journey to a career in teaching mathematics.

Many aspects of Dr. Karr's teaching style motivated and engaged me and my fellow students. She modeled the best practices in teaching as she walked around the classroom to check for progress, empowered the faster students to help others, and encouraged all of us through her willingness to share herself with her class. We learned the benefit of a professor who was student-centered, and, though I can only speak for myself, encouraged life-long learners.

Each day, as I walk out of my own classroom, I still carry two of the most powerful tools for success in life that were Dr. Karr's gifts to her students: knowledge and confidence. Dr. Karr is worthy of the highest award for her success in the classroom and in her profession. With her integrity, enthusiasm, compassion, charm, and intelligence added to her high energy and innovations in the field of mathematics, I can imagine no one who could surpass her achievements. She is most deserving of this high award.

It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Rosemary Karr.


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