Mark Lewine - Student Introduction

Melanie Allamby
for Mark Lewine
2006 Outstanding Community Colleges Professor of the Year

I would like to start with a thank you to CASE for this opportunity you give us all to tell our outstanding professors how very much their efforts mean to us. Thank you, Dr. Lewine, for all you do and have done for the students at Cuyahoga Community College-and especially for all you've done for me!

Dr. Lewine is a deeply caring individual who, as a sociologist, seems most interested in learning about people and helping them learn about themselves. His very engaging style of teaching creates an atmosphere where students come to love learning as a way of life.

In his class, you don't just study from the books and write reports. Our assignments could include activities like researching the background of our local neighborhood, interviewing elderly neighbors who witnessed historic events, attending presentations by passionate community activists, and taking a class trip to a local restaurant to have a bonding experience over some exotic dish. (You'll find out quickly that a lot of learning with him involves food!)

He truly seems happiest when he helps his students make connections with opportunities and people that can help them grow. I'd have to say my most memorable experience with him was when I took part in an archeological dig at our urban campus' backyard at Cuyahoga Community College where we retrieved the artifacts left by a family and a church that were once housed there. This experience was pivotal in decisions I made for my future, in that it taught me that I loved working outdoors, getting my hands into my work.

And when I told Dr. Lewine I was considering a degree in geology-while others questioned why I would be interested in that field of study-I could find no bigger supporter than him. Then when I applied for the master's degree program in environmental science at Tufts University, he gave me a shining recommendation that helped get me in.

I am so happy to be here today to share this experience with you and your family, Dr. Lewine. I want you to know that I now know how you feel each time a student of yours achieves success. I am so very proud of you!


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