Christy Price - Student Introduction

Remarks by Carol Duzan
Former student of Christy Price
2012 Outstanding Baccalaureate Professor of the Year

It has been said that great teachers not only teach but they inspire. Dr. Christy Price not only inspires her students but she becomes a lifelong mentor and role model who changes the lives of those she comes in contact with, including my own.

I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Price as teacher, mentor and friend for 14 years. I distinctly remember my first day of her "Introduction to Education" course. We began the class by sharing the characteristics of the best teachers we ever had. Little did we know that the teacher before us was to be the best we would ever have. 

Dr. Price has always seemed to be ahead of her time in so many ways. Her cutting-edge, innovative teaching techniques were a drastic change from the mind-numbing lecture format that I had come accustomed to. She engages her students in authentic learning activities, discussing personal application exercises, analyzing fascinating cases and collaborating on group projects as well as developing her students' interpersonal, communication, critical thinking and writing skills. Dr. Price's class was one where I truly learned how to learn. I now look back and consider myself lucky to be part of that extraordinary community she created in her classroom. 

Among the many things I have learned and continue to learn from my mentor is that it is important for all of us to live authentic lives of integrity in which we are truly ourselves. During the course of her career, she has been a shining light in a sometimes dark world for her students who feel they cannot go on, will never fit in or perhaps will never amount to anything. Dr. Price's delightful presence, warm personality and extremely effective teaching methods have had an immeasurable impact. As a student-centered, caring and stellar teacher, she has quite literally inspired and transformed thousands during the years. As a result of her character and commitment to diversity issues in general, in some cases, she has changed the small-minded attitudes of faculty as well as students. 

Dr. Price has been my model for how I operate and run my classroom. I have always taken a scholarly approach to teaching my students. My classroom lessons are both exploratory and experimental. I engage my students with lessons that involve real-life application. My science curriculum and methods emphasize issues of global climate change and sustainability. I regularly address issues of social justice in my classroom, such as bullying and diversity issues. I am involved in a mentoring program for troubled, impoverished youth at my school.

I am so very proud to say that I have followed in the footsteps of my amazing mentor, carrying on her legacy and creating a conscientious community of learners who are committed to social justice and solving global issues. Thanks to her influence, my young students are poised and ready to change the world!!!

It is my great privilege and honor to introduce to you one of the most influential people I've ever been fortunate to call my friend and mentor, Dr. Christy Price.