Carlos G. Spaht - Student Introduction

Derrick Greene
Former student of Carlos Spaht
2007 Outstanding Master's Universities and Colleges Professor of the Year
Willard Intercontinental Washington Hotel
November 15, 2007

Good afternoon. It's a privilege to be here today to introduce one of my favorite teachers.

Where can I begin? An honors graduate at LSU, distinguished military graduate, Teacher of the Year at LSU in Shreveport, The Louisiana/Mississippi Distinguished University Award, Louisiana Professor of the Year, The Governor's Award of Excellence in Teaching, the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service in Support of Education, and the list goes on and on-from 1964 to the present day we live in.

Words can not truly explain what Carlos Spaht has meant to me and thousands of other students throughout the years. I was totally in awe when he asked me to do this special honor for him because he could have asked any of a dozen or more students, yet he chose me.

Since 1991, after I took his trigonometry class, Dr. Spaht has been a very special part of my life. Because of his compassion and dedication for teaching, students that come in contact with Dr. Spaht all think he is the best math professor there is. Personally, he has been a true inspiration to me-not only as a professor and colleague but as a true spiritual friend.

I had a very trying 2007. Dr. Spaht took the time out to listen, give advice, and more importantly, to offer prayer to get me through the year. Dr. Spaht, I am very grateful and appreciative to have you in my life. And I just want to say thank you, and I love you, Dr. Spaht, for everything you've done not just for me but for all the other college students and LaPrep participants during the years.

I know you are a very humble and God-fearing man, and you deserve this special honor. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Carlos Spaht.

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