Stephanie Alvarez - Student Introduction

Remarks by Annabel Salamanca
Former student of Stephanie Alvarez
2015 Outstanding Master's University and College Professor of the Year

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

It is with great honor and humbleness that I introduce the person who transformed my college endeavors into what would become the best years of my life. Eight years ago, in 2007 when I first met Dr. Stephanie Alvarez-Martinez, my college experience completely changed.

For the first time in 13 years, I heard somebody speak to a group of migrant farm-working students with so much conviction and belief in them. Still a stranger, her magic was already working on us as her encouragement to pursue a minor in Spanish sounded so simple. That day, half of the group registered to take the Spanish credit by exam test to earn 12 college credit hours.

"Spanish is something you have known all of your lives; why not get credit and earn a minor by just taking two more Spanish upper level courses of your choice." Her words still resonate with me to this date.

Moreover, Dr. Alvarez-Martinez is dedicated to her students more than any other professor I have met. Her mentorship has allowed me and countless others to develop leadership skills and build character through the multiple events she has invited us to be a part of. From presentations in national conferences in Puerto Rico to California, to important meetings with the provost and president of our university, she has inspired us to pursue master's and postdoctoral degrees throughout the country; something we would have never thought to be possible. The work she does in and out of the class room has tremendous impact on the students she serves.

Her passion does not end when one graduates as she continues to keep her students involved and be part of the community that saw us grow up. Always encouraging and suggesting new ideas and projects, one can continue being part of the community.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Stephanie Alvarez-Martinez!