John Wadach - Student Introduction

Remarks by Kierstyn E Dodson
Former student of John Wadach
2014 Outstanding Community Colleges Professor of the Year

I believe passion is one of the greatest things you can find in a person. Never have I met a person as passionate as Professor Wadach. During the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with him both in the classroom and as the president of the club he advises. 

Last semester, I was both nervous and eager to take University Physics with Professor Wadach. I had already heard that I would learn a lot in his class and that he held high expectations for his engineering students. While all of this held true, I would have never expected the incredible and engaging experience I had. Professor Wadach's passion to provide the best education possible to each and every student in that classroom was truly remarkable. He would always go above and beyond to ensure that every student was learning and retaining the information being presented.

His passion for student experiences extends outside the classroom and into the lives of his students. As the adviser to our Engineering Leadership Council, the club that I run, he has provided nothing but support to help keep the council running for more than 22 years. Being in engineering, there are many different interests. Under the support of Professor Wadach, we have had tremendous success in providing a variety of groups the resources they need to achieve. These groups include Design Build Fly, Society of Women Engineers and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Club. He has also been instrumental in annually sending robotics teams from Monroe Community College to the American Society of Engineering Education's national competitions where they have been incredibly successful in obtaining national titles.

His generosity has opened paths to make any student's aspirations a reality. Professor Wadach has impacted so many of our students' lives, including mine. He is the greatest role model I have ever had, which I believe is truly because of his admirable passion for his students and for bettering their lives, education and the school as a whole.

Engineering is not a major for the weak at heart but Professor Wadach has been a rock to so many students to help us keep pushing and reach our goals no matter what they are. His passion helps to keep ours alive every day. It is now my honor to introduce to you Professor John Wadach.

Thanks again.